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Charcoal or Gas . . . I've made my decision . . .


This particular blog entry is for guys. And be warned, some of them are not going to agree with me on this.

This blog is for all the guys out there . . . you know who you are . . . the ones who like to eat meat! Meat that you cook yourselves.

Don't worry, your secret is safe with me . . . in the kitchen, most of us are disasters waiting to happen . . . I wouldn't know a dry measuring cup from a wet measuring cup.

But let us go out on the back porch with our grills . . . May God bless us all! Some of us even have custom grilling aprons! Wish I could find a cute one my size!

Made the move recently to become more of a grilling "purist." I gave my big old stainless steel gas grill to our former youth ministry director. He is a full time "starving artist" singer and guitar player. Actually, he is going to do great things . . . but I've always wanted to call someone I know a "starving artist."

It's a long story . . . don't ask.

My Texas A&M Aggie son-in-law is very happy with my decision. He says his "prodigal" father-in-law has come home. Time for a party . . . and at my house that means grilling something good to eat.

Pork ribs and pork chops . . . mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Good eating! My son-in-law did the male grilling world proud that day.

Tasted real good!

The grill I purchased to replace my gas grill is a Weber "One Touch" Gold charcoal grill. And suddenly, grilling is a lot easier . . . and more fun . . . and less to clean up . . . and easier to take care of . . .

And . . . tastier! No propane smell in the food.

Yes, I made the switch because of taste. Yes, it does take 10-20 minutes for the charcoal to ash over . . . but you can put wood chips on the coals for new flavors, and because the grill is round, you can do indirect heat better . . . and grill whole chickens, ham, and whatever I can find on sale at the market.

Also . . . no more propane bottles to carry around to exchange or fill.

I will use any charcoal I can get . . . as long as it is Kingsford.

Don't need lighter fluid if you use a charcoal chimney. The expensive kind at Lowe's, Bass Pro, Cabela's and outdoor stores are all just fine . . . but the simple black one from Academy is less than $10.

Weber has a great web site, with tons of free grilling recipes when you sign up.

The grilling horizon is looking a little brighter now.

I'm better than I deserve ><>


doodlebugmom said…
I am so disappointed this is a man post. Cuz I am with you on the charcoal is the preferred choice for cooking. And I have one of those chinmey starters, too.

Now how to I convince my man that HE is the one thats supposed to do the grilling??
Rick said…
If you were living here in Texas, men would be lining up to propose to you!

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