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Smithsonian Folkways website

Well . . . I am so behind the times . . . or before them . . or . . . well anyway.

I stumbled across the Smithsonian Folkways website . . . because of a Peter Seeger CD I was trying to find.

More info, click here.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

Music's link to making the world a better place . . .

Harry Chapin wrote and sang . . .

"If a man tried, to take his time on earth, and proved before he died what one man's life could be worth, well I wonder what would happen to this world?"

Not that I would ever try to separate the two . . . but in my life and understanding, the link between music and trying to make the world a better place is extremely strong.

Perhaps . . . the two are inseparable.

Really . . . why else do we sing?

A video I found about Harry's involvement in making the world a better place is below . . . enjoy, and think about what you can do.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

Making Disciples . . . a video on YouTube . . .

The video below is making it's way around the YouTube o'sphere . . . I think it represents how the church I am privileged to serve as a pastor sees its place in the context of the Great Commission.

One of my personal ministry goals this year is to establish a road map for the growing of our congregational care ministry. To do this . . . we are going to have to recruit and train lay people (lay chaplains?) who feel called to assist/partner with the pastoral staff as we respond to the great number of requests we get each week from people seeking various forms of pastoral care.

In other words . . . it is time for the training of some congregational care disciples.

I thought further about this, in relation to my theraputice music entertainment work . . . which included my being mentored as I went through a very specific, and at times, intense certification process.

In essence . . . I am a TME disciple. And, it is time I begin to recruit and train some future TME disciples as well.


My 6th annual thank you to Sean Simon and Grapevine Guitar Works . . .

Well, the 6th anniversary of Grapevine Guitar Works sponsorship (if that is the right word) of my church and theraputic music ministry is soon to be upon us.
I cannot thank Sean enough for helping me these past 6 years to acquire three of the four main guitars I use in my ministry. They are all professional level guitars.
With Sean's advice and counsel, I am taking better care of my instruments, I have a great multi-purpose amp, and I am ready to accept more invitations to sing. The only restraint is my personal and church ministry schedules. However, equipment will no longer be a reason I cannot accept an invitation.
6 years and going! Thank you Sean.
The new GGW showroom is now open. Check out for more info! Robin Garrison is the new showroom manager and he will make you feel at home. Bill White has a more up-to-date guitar tech space in the back of the new showroom, and is building up his guitar set-up and repair business. Both Robin and Bil…

Book list amended to include a book I just received today . . .

I have the greatest ministry assistant in the world.

I asked her if she could possibly find me a decent copy of Pete Seeger's book, The Imcompleat Singer. This book is a collection of many magazine articles that Pete wrote over many years for Sing Out! Magazine and other periodicals.

Well, it's on my desk! She did it! A very nice blue bound copy. I looked through it for 90 minutes, and ended up reading over a 3rd of the book! Not bad for a book that has just under 600 pages!

So, I am going to add it to my 2012 book list. I will be reading in sections as my interest sparks my curiosity to do so.

Now, I know if you aren't into folk music, you probably are preparing to click on to another blog or web site. And I don't blame you. But before you go, let me try to explain something.

Nothing new to my friends . . . but I'm a bit odd. I've always been drawn to read about people who valued and fought for the 1st Amendment. I've also been a bit of a folklorist for quite a…

Books to read on the 2012 horizon ...

For those who care, or who might interested, or who need something to get mad at . . .

Books I have already read in 2012 . . .

-The Protest Singer (Alec Wilkinsin).

Books I am currently reading . . .

-How Can I Keep From Singing? The Ballad of Pete Seeger (David King Dunaway)
-Christianity and World Religions (Adam Hamilton)

Books I have on my list to read . . .

-Three Simple Questions (Rueben P. Job)
-How to Play the 5-String Banjo (Pete Seeger)

It seems that the new Bible translation, the Common English Bible, has been endorsed by our UMC bishops. For once I'm one step ahead, and already have the current CEB Reference Bible from

God's grace, and a good book, still amazes me . . . ><>