Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yep bruddha . . . I be playing a "U"kulele now . . .

I know, I know, I know . . . it's going to look awful funny, the first time I do a Children's Time message during worship with a ukulele. But get ready . . . it's going to happen sooner than you think.

My daughter played a ukulele in a production of "Radio Gals" back when she was a theater arts student at Texas Women's University. For her birthday this year, she asked me to get her a decent uke, because she wanted to start playing again.

I meant to get around to it . . . but forgot.

Then Sean at Grapevine Guitar Works tells me he is carrying Kala Brand Ukuleles. He helped me get a nice mahogany tenor uke for my daughter.

By the way, did I share that she wants to go with me, as her schedule allows, to sing at hospitals and nursing homes??? Brings a tear to my eye. I am happy beyond belief . . .

Anyway, Sean also had a nice spruce top baritone uke. Now, for those who didn't know, and I am one who didn't know, a baritone uke is usually tuned like the bottom four strings of a guitar. D-G-B-E. Which means . . . I am playing the thing like crazy. It's just like playing my old tenor banjo.

I had recently purchased a Little Martin travel guitar with some mad money I was saving. I wanted to, and have used it to sing in nursing homes. However, this baritone uke is just as loud, and a lot more lighter and easier to carry around as a travel instrument.

So . . . another journey started. More to report soon.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

Monday, August 9, 2010

Three interesting things happened to me today . . .

Three interesting things did happen to me today . . . well sort of . . .

First . . . my oldest daughter called to tell me an "interesting" anecdote. A customer walked into my daughter's store today and, referencing the 10+ straight days of over 100 F. weather we have been having, said . . .

"If it is really as hot as hell outside, I need to work on getting my life straight!"

Interesting . . . how God's own creation can get the point across when we Christian-types can't.

Second . . . while eating dinner tonight in my favorite local "dive", I was told that the restaurant had been sold, and was under new ownership and management.

Bummer . . . absolute bummer . . . the couple that ran the restaurant had become good friends, and I enjoyed bringing them my business.

The new manager, Renee, has gone out of her way to take care of us, as my wife and I have "regulars" status at this place. We will see how it goes.

Third . . . at the restaurant tonight, two ladies were eating at the table next to us. One of them told me . . .

"Do you know that you look like Steve Forbes . . . the guy who ran for President?"

Obviously, this lady suffers from a severe degenerative vision disorder . . . but wait, it gets better.

I replied back . . . "Well, if I am, I guess you want me to pick up your dinner bill tonight. But before I do, I have to ask if you voted for Steve Forbes?"

She replies, "Well no, I didn't."

Opps . . . guess who paid for their own bill at the restaurant???

Aw . . . she was a nice lady. We all had a good laugh.

But seriously . . . I don't think I look like Steve Forbes? Do I?

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

I miss an audience . . .