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Jason Mraz - Rocket Man

I was driving back from a hospital call when I heard Jason Mraz's singing Elton John's Rocket Man."   Traffic was heavy so I couldn't make a paper and pen note to add this video to my blog.  I had my digital recorder  . . . but didn't need it.  I haven't gotten this song out of my head (size 8 by-the-way) all afternoon.


CLICK HERE to go to Jason's website.

God's grace, and great remakes of long time classics, always amaze me!  ><>

Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill

I believe that Ed Sheeran has definitely established himself as one of our new and upcoming singer-songwriters.  Gifted is too restrained of a world to define his talent. I enjoy listening to him sing and play.  His passion for what he does is evident.

Ed has a long relationship with Martin Guitar, and has designed several Martin travel guitars.  All of the proceeds for these guitars (Eds share) have gone to a hospital charity in England which Ed has supported for some time.

For more info on Ed's signature Martin guitar (3rd edition) CLICK HERE.

I enjoy listening to his song, Castle on the Hill, when I hear it on the Coffee House channel on Sirius XM radio.


BTW . . . CLICK HERE to go to Ed's internet homepage.

God's grace, and passion for music, still amazes me greatly!

Rachelle Plas - HOHNER Masters of the Harmonica

Why don't we venture over and talk about harmonica players.  I have a bunch of harmonicas.  I was given an entire collection by a friend.  They belonged to her father and she wanted to give them to someone who would appreciate them as much as her dad did.  She knew that I played harmonica "behind closed doors / solo that no one could hear me" every now and then.  I have a couple Golden Melodies.  In the collection were about a half-dozen unused harps.  I was a happy man that day.  Still am.

I enjoy playing harmonica, but I enjoy singing more.  I have tried the Bob Dylan / Neil Young thing of trying to play guitar and play the harmonica at the same time.  No success so far.  Truth be told, I can't even walk a straight line sober anymore.  I do love to hear the harmonica being played, especially southern style blues/rock.

Rachelle Pass is one of my favorite harmonica players.  Her energy on stage high-octaine.  In this video, she shares about her favorite instrument,…

Glen Hansard talks about his well-worn Takamine Guitar

There is little doubt that the most famous guitar in the world, or at least the most famous Martin guitar, is Willie Nelson's guitar, "Trigger."

Another famous guitar is Glen Hansard's Takamine guitar, which he has played so much, on a daily basis, that it is even more worn than "Trigger" is.

The relationships certain performers form with their favorite instruments is truly fascinating to me.

Please enjoy the video!

BTW - CLICK HERE to go to Glens website!

God's grace, and favorite insturments, amaze me greatly! ><>

Enjoying Satellite Radio . . .

One of the benefits of driving a somewhat newer pickup truck, in my humble opinion, is the Satellite Radio feature.  For some time I've been enjoying the Coffe House channel on Sirius Radio (Channel 14).  The Coffee House Channel features acoustic artists in a solo settings, and often features them putting their musical spin on classic hits from the past.Since I am and olf folkie and acoustic rocker at heart, one can understand how I enjoy listening to the Coffee House Channel.  The quality of music is wonderful, and I've learned a thing or two to try when I sing and play for area senior adults.Give this channel a try.God's grace, and new singer songwriters, continue to amaze me ... ><>

Vince Gill's Guitar Collection

I'd like to share a YouTube video of Vince Gill talking about his guitar collection.   Vince has more than earned his share of fame and fortune.  He does communicate well his love for guirars, and that his motivation for collecting them is not driven by making money off of them.  A refreshing perspecctive.

I can only imagine what it was like to loose 100-150 guitars in the great Nashville flood several years back.  He puts that into perspective as well.

God's grace, and the love people have for their musical instruments, still amazes me . . . ><>