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A little old school . . . Peter, Paul and Mary

I am amazed how the vocals and two guitar parts so smoothly blend together in the video of Peter, Paul and Mary singing "A'Soalin."

For the most part, I sing and play solo mostly for senior citizens and children.  Me, my guitar, and my tapping foot.  It takes an effort to combine vocals and guitar, and I know that I can always improve my skill level.

On occasion, I am joined by Larry Dykstra, and we sing as a duo.  Sometimes I get to sing with Jim Newton and Paul Hill.  At other times, I get to sing with our 1st Church String Band.  And, on the rare occasion, I get to sing with one our church choral groups.

And I love it!!!

I love the blending of vocal melodies and harmonies.  I love different instrument working together to make music.

Sometimes, it sends a cold chill down my spine, in a good sort of way.  I feel energy through the power of the music, and the good the music can do for those who also sing it, but who also hear it.

It's a very good feeling indeed.


Bullet Journal

I have been using the Bullet Journal method for several months now.  For more information on this analog style method, please check out

I'm just using it as a way to keep track of my tasks, notes and ideas all in one place.  That place for me is a lined regular sized Moleskine journal ($18).

I've spent years working out of various notebooks and also using various electronic smart devices.  I made the jump about 10 years ago to keeping my calendar on Outlook, which links to my phone.  All good!  As long as I have my iPhone when away from my office at the church, then I can have immediate access to my calendar and email.
So far, my keeping everything in one notebook using the Bullet Journal method is working nicely.
I have embraced digital in many ways in my life.  All my music and recording stuff is on my iPad.  My iPad is the main component of my little portable home studio along with an iRig iMic.  I'm into digital cameras.  In fact, I have mostly …

Tommy's One-Man Band . . .

One of my addictions, and an awfully good one to have in my opinion, is to watch TedTalk videos.  Great speakers on great topics.

One of the central themes of these talks is the time we waste on what other people expect of us as well as our personal assumptions that are actually guided by culture, instead of focusing on the things that give our lives real meaning. 

Achieving balance, for many if not for most of us, is not easy. 

Below is a TedTalk by Tommy Emmanuel.  He states in the beginning that he is, as a guitarist, in the "happiness" business.  I'm going to intentionally try to focus on that every time I sing to senior adults in the days to come.  I am in the "happiness" business as well.
At the end of his talk, listen for his use of the word "fearless."  For some reason his use of that word struck me.  I am going to have to spend some time pondering about that.

This video is about 18 minutes . . . but well worth the listen.

God's grace stil…

A good video about Hugworks!

For several years now, I have been a volunteer and supporter of a great organization called "Hugworks."   Working with, and being mentored by, Jim Newton and Paul Hill has been one of the professional highlights of my life, along with getting to meet Noel Paul Stookey.

This is an older video, back when the ministry was called "Celebration Shop" before using the name "Hugworks" . . . but it shares the passion behind all that Jim and Paul have been involved in these past 35+ years.  

And now, to my great delight, that same passion is being also focused toward providing therapeutic music entertainment to senior adults.  I couldn't be more thrilled because singing to seniors in my great music passion.

Enjoy . . . and learn more . . . and consider supporting Hugworks with your resources and time.

God's graces till amazes me . . . ><>

New venue on my schedule

If you read my schedule, you quickly deduce that I sing, most of the time, for senior citizens.

I am very glad to do it.  I am honored to do it. 
I am blessed to serve a church where my singing and guitar playing is recognized as an important part of my ministry.  I have to manage my singing schedule carefully. Very carefully.  
All the locations I perform for understand that I may have to call in and cancel or reschedule because of other ministry demands that come my way, which I have to treat with greater priority.  They understand.  
Again, I am blessed.
I sing at the Atria in Grapevine, on the 1st Monday of the month, because our church has had an almost 9 year relationship with them.  
I sing at Dancing Rivers in Grapevine, on the 2nd Monday of the month, because 5-6 of our church members now reside there.  
I sing at South Colleyvine Ranch in Grapevine on the 3rd Monday of the month, because 8-10 church members who reside there, plus a lot of Methodist folk who we have adopted.…

I am alive . . .

This has been a very busy last 4 months, and I have neglected my little blog that the 4-5 of you faithfully check on every so often.

And I appreciate you all.

I should be back with music and song stuff by this summer.

God's grace still amazes me . . .  ><>