Thursday, May 22, 2014

A little old school . . . Peter, Paul and Mary

I am amazed how the vocals and two guitar parts so smoothly blend together in the video of Peter, Paul and Mary singing "A'Soalin." 

For the most part, I sing and play solo mostly for senior citizens and children.  Me, my guitar, and my tapping foot.  It takes an effort to combine vocals and guitar, and I know that I can always improve my skill level.

On occasion, I am joined by Larry Dykstra, and we sing as a duo.  Sometimes I get to sing with Jim Newton and Paul Hill.  At other times, I get to sing with our 1st Church String Band.  And, on the rare occasion, I get to sing with one our church choral groups.

And I love it!!!

I love the blending of vocal melodies and harmonies.  I love different instrument working together to make music.

Sometimes, it sends a cold chill down my spine, in a good sort of way.  I feel energy through the power of the music, and the good the music can do for those who also sing it, but who also hear it.

It's a very good feeling indeed.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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