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My Lenten journey continues . . .

Here we are in week this 4th week of Lent.

I've put some extra effort into the journey of Lent this year. I have tried to partake of multiple devotional readings each day. I'm trying to pray more each day. I have taken on a couple of things for Lent that just need to remain private and personal, extra projects if you will. My office has never looked better, as I have paired down a bunch of books from my shelves, and paper from my files. My office is lean. I have been on a diet, and have lost over 24 pounds so far (along with dropping down 2 waist sizes). Guess I am getting lean as well.

Most of my pants are now too loose!

So . . . Lent this year has been a time of taking on and leaving off . . . and all done more than a year out from Ken Diehm's death. Part of Lent this year has been to come to grips with how Ken's loss has affected my life. I am on the recovery / moving on side of it now, but I know now how much it all weighed on me last year.

Those kinds of self-discove…

Hugworks on TV . . .

Below is a video of Jim Newton and Paul Hill of Hugworks (my Therapeuitic Music Entertainment mentors and good friends) when they appeared in a recent local TV program.

With all my heart, I believe that music heals the body, soul and spirit.


Cranking up the Strat . . .

During this season of Lent, my responsibilities here at the church require that I spend a lot of my time on people and programs as we prepare for our annual Easter Sunday services.
Which means . . . I'm not singing much in hospitals or nursing homes until the middle of April. Still singing during the Children's Time, and getting to spend quiet time playing and rehearsing some songs I need to get memorized.
However, I have been playing my Strat more. I think I have a version of Joe Walsh's "Walk Away" about done . . . except the solo . . . I need someone else to play that. I get chords . . . and bass line walk-ups and walk-downs . . . but scales have been a challenge for me for years.
I am using a set of jazz strings on my Strat, meaning I'm using a wound G string. For a strummer like me, it makes a lot of difference.
Other than that, nothing much to report music wise . . . I miss sining to the kids in the hospitals . . . but this time of spiritual focus for …

Doyle Dykes now playing Guilds . . .

Heard from my music connections that Doyle Dykes is now part of the team at Guild Guitars. He played and F-30 and F-47 at NAMM in California last month.

One of my favorite fingerstyle players. This should all be fun.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>