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Disease free . . .

I haven't felt like writing about it until today.

Last week on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 3:20 PM or so . . . my oncologist told me that I was disease free according to the scans and blood work tests I had 2 weeks previous.

He kept saying . . .

"That reading was zero . . . and so was that one . . . and so was that one."

"These two readings indicated "benign."

"Your cancer is in remission."

Then he shared that the only thing wrong with my scans and blood tests was that my body was wanting more thyroid hormone replacement than I was getting, so he gave me a new prescription. 

I will be "re-staged" in April or May every year for the next 5 years.  If those scans are all negative, then I can say I'm cancer free in 2018.

But . . . I can use words like "remission" or "disease free."  Both of which are big relief.

And now . . . I am caught between a rock and a hard place.

I've postponed getting ready for the upco…

Full circle of emotions ...

-Richie Havens
-George Jones

Happy Birthday
-Willie Nelson

A full circle of emotions . . .

Mercy, I can still vividly remember the first time I saw the Woodstock movie during my freshman year at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX.  They showed it twice in both the fall and spring semesters.  One night, I was the only one who came to watch it, and the audio/visual guy asked me to put up the movie projector so he could leave.

How does one watch that movie and see and listen to Richie Haven's performance . . . and not say, "this is going to be some show!"

I never got to meet or go to a George Jones concert. 

My loss.

A lot of friends got Martin guitars because George played one.  What a singer.

Willie Nelson sang in West, TX for his birthday this past week, to help raise funds for that devastated community.  80 years old . . . with no plans to retire until the day his guitar, "Trigger," can't be played anymore.  It's still going strong as…

RIP - Richie Havens

I am so sad to hear this evening that Richie Havens has died of an apparant heart attack.I can watch the video of him singing "Here Comes the Sun" at Woodstock all day long.We lost another good one today.

RIP - Jonathan Winters

He was one of the funniest men in the world.  His kind of improv humor was genuine and truly funny because it was funny!  Didn't need to make you laugh by shocking you.

Jonathan taught us all that it was OK to use our imaginations in a constructive way.


God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

Regular maintenance works both ways . . .

Regular maintenance has many benefits.

Yesterday, at my oncologist's office, I "swallowed" a small capsule of radioactive iodine (just enough to light me up for my scan tomorrow morning.)   I get the results on April 24th.

I felt a bit nauseated the rest of the day, and through most of last night.  Nothing serious . . . just that queazy sort of feeling that let's you know something isn't quite right.

Funny, I experienced no nausea what-so-ever back in October when I swallowed the "BIG" dose of radioactive iodine to treat my cancer, after-which I was in seclusion away from people for a week.

A thought or two have come to my mind in regards to "getting the results"  . . . 

-If my cancer is indeed "gone" this time around, is it still my cancer?

-If it's gone . . . I sure don't want it back!

Anyway, I didn't feel well enough this morning to attend the Thursday morning Iron Men study at IHop in Euless, which is the study I le…

Cancer tests and screens this week . . .

Sorry for not posting a devotional since Easter.  I hope to be back blogging a daily devotional beginning in May . . . perhaps "150 Days in Psalms."

This week I am participating in re-staging procedures for my thyroid cancer, including a scan and blood work up this coming Friday.   Should get the results on April 24th.

Otherwise . . . life is good, but I'm at the point where I know I have too many guitars . . . and don't play any of them regularly.  Today I actually thought about selling all of them . . . but then I rather quickly came to my senses.  Seems one of the side-effects of injections and stuff I've had so far this week includes mental fatigue.  Part of it is due to the frustration that my cancer stuff this year set back some plans that I had worked a long time to bring about . . . only to have to cancel or suspend them until I one day get the "all clear."

I would honestly rather be singing.

Thursday, I am going to work on the neck action on 3…

My other passion ..

My other joy in life, besides being a pastor, playing guitar and singing is cooking on my Big Green Egg! I am officially hungry! God's grace still amazes me ... ><>