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Dear Lord ... please break me . . .

Dear and most gracious Lord, my God . . .
Please,  break me.
The older I get, the more I understand how amazing your grace really is, the more you bless me with a dose of wisdom here and there . . . the more I realize how little I really know . . . and how in a state of confusion, and fear . . . I do not yeild to the Spirit . . . but try to control . . .
And at those times . . . I am probably standing more in Your way than by Your side . . .
Please Lord, break me . . . from wanting to be in control because of my being afraid of the unknown.  If You are leading the way, then why am I still afraid?  Break me Lord, of all that keeps me fearful. 
As my personal mission in life becomes more clearer day by day . . . and as You ask me to do more things that are out-of-my comfort zone . . . to be honest, way-out-of-my comfort zone . . . things that cause my heart to leap for joy, yet which causes my mind and body to cry out in fear  . . . I ask that you would give me an ample portion of Your Holy …

Deja Vu all over again . . . I now have my grandmother's piano . . .

Wow! It's finally here.
I'm sitting only 5 feet away from it.  It's like facebook in a way . . . meeting again a long lost friend.  
My "friend" is my late maternal grandmother's Ivers & Pond piano. When my mother asked me what I wanted from my grandmother's estate after her death earlier this year . . . all I asked for was "Granny's piano."  
When my family moved to the Rio Grande Valley in 1966, my grandfather was serving the church in La Feria, TX. I think my grandmother had this piano then in the church parsonage . . . but for sure in 1968, when my grandpa retired, and they bought a home in La Feria, this piano was in their formal living room . . . in fact, it was really in the one spot that was the exact center of their home. And every where they had lived since . . . this piano went with them.  
My grandmother would have it no other way.  
That is how important music was to my grandmother.  
That is how important this piano was to m…

Upcoming dates for the 1st Church String Band . . .

The 1st Church String Band will be singing again at Heritage UMC on October 11th at the 10:30 AM worship service.
Heritage UMC is located on Heritage Avenue between Hall-Johnson and Glade. 
The Band will also be performing on Friday, December 4th, at the Grapevine Housing Authority Tenants Association Christmas Party.  More info on the exact time of this event to come.
We love to play and sing for people, and for charitable causes.  
God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

A tribute to Mary Travers . . . Let's all start singing!

Those of us who are in our 50's and 60's, and who got caught up in folk music when we were teens and in college, owe a lot to Peter, Paul and Mary. They have shared 50 years of singing together. And now that has come to an end with the death this week of Mary Travers.  
Ah, yes . . . our beautiful, vibrant, endearing, wonderful Mary.  
Yes it is a sad day, for someone we love has died . . . but, it is also a day of challenge.   Many of us can sing, many of us can still play instruments, but for many various reasons we have stopped singing over the years . . . perhaps singing became less of a priority in some way . . . perhaps at the suggestion of "other people", we were encouraged to have a more "adult" focus . . . there were families to raise, money to earn, careers to pursue.  
Perhaps, it was suggested that singing was just not as important as other activities, or other more "adult" pursuits.  
Can you imagine . . . being a singer, and not s…

Crummy ceiling fan . . .

Today was not a good day to be a ceiling fan.

Today, my wife and I emptied out our attic . . . we have service people coming on Wednesday to apply a radiant barrier in our attic, and add more insulation.

I lowered the attic ladder, and proceeded to climb into the attic, and while standing the ladder, half in the attic, and half out, I lowered the first box to my wife.

As I was handing the box to my wife, I felt the "pow-pow-pow" of the ceiling fan hitting the ring finger on my left hand . . . I realized I had not turned off the ceiling fan before climbing up.

Out of instinct I guess . . . or my old police training . . . or out of a rational desire to never experience the same situation ever again, I pulled the ceiling fan from the ceiling and stomped it into little bitty pieces.

Nah . . . I'm just kidding . . . I did call it some choice names . . . probably hurt its feelings . . . if ceiling fans can have feelings.

Crummy ceiling fan!

I jumped down to make sure my finger wa…

Dr. John Francis (Planetwalker) lecture video . . .

Last year, I read PlanetWalker by Dr. John Francis.   Most of my favorite books are about travel, especially by foot (hiking), which explains why the John Francis, Bill Bryson, and the late Colin Fletcher are my favorite authors.
John is an environmentalist, a PhD, and a former UN Goodwill Ambassador.  He did not speak for 17 years of his life, and walked across a good portion of the United States and Central America.
Below is a video of a lecture he gave this past year, describing that how we treat each other is how we treat the environment.   An interesting concept . . . he goes on to share that basic communication is instrumental in bringing about any kind of change.
My wife and I have discussing what our personal actions in support of improving our environment should be.    We have started to recycle, and will have a radiant barrier and more insulation put in our attic.   We want to move away from using styrofoam cups, but I am finding that harder to do than I first realized. 
We know…

Getting the chance to check out another guitar . . .

This is a blog entry about guitar stuff - if that isn't your thing, then skip this and continue reading further down my blog, or check back later. Either way, I appreciate you! RM ><>

For those who know I promised a blog on my "inept" attempts to discover "sound" . . . it's coming soon.

In the mean time . . . Sean at Dallas Used Guitar has loaned me an Ibanez Montage MSC700NT acoustic hybrid guitar. He thought I might be interested in it, and as usual, he was right.

In honest, truthful reality . . . I am not a guitarist as much as I am a singer who plays guitar. And since I do a fair amount of "solo" work singing at nursing homes, schools, etc., I have been trying to find a guitar I can take with me, which would have a few effects options.

My beloved Martin D-15 GTE has been showing some wear after the past 4 years of regular use. I acquired a Tacoma jumbo from Sean a while back, and have really enjoyed it, but it has no on-board tuner/eq/etc…