Thursday, March 1, 2018


Funny thing about playing a 12-string guitar . . . I play it a lot differently than I do a 6-string guitar. 

How do I play a 12-string guitar, you ask?   Good question.

Listen to the first song in this concert . . . that could have been me playing the 12-string guitar, especially when I was a lot younger.  A nice 12-string was my first decent guitar back when I was in high school.  I played with a folk group, and I sang solo every now and then.  The 12-string is a great rhytym guitar, and I'm tall and big enough to play a Guild jumbo 12-string.  The ringing jingle jangle works just fine if you are a solo player, now not for every song, but for many of the songs I do sing in public.

Enjoy this Gordon Lightfoot concert recorded years ago by the BBC.  I sure did.  Brought back a lot of memories of the first time I heard each of the songs.

If there is a master at writing songs about relationships . . . it is Gordon Lightfoot.

What is your favorite song?  When was the first time you heard it?

Rick ><>