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To all the kids who survived the 1930 - 1970"s . . .

I received this today . . . I've seen it before, and if you know who to give credit to for writing this, I will post that info ASAP.

I was born in 1957, so I can relate to a lot to the contents of this article. It was a different day and time . . . and granted, children had an "innocence" back then. We played outside . . . a lot . . . and we went on adventures . . . we made discoveries, like watching a cocoon for hours at at time until a butterfly emerged. We wrestled, rode bikes, played sandlot sports . . . without adult supervision, because we knew that our parents would know, before we got home, if we had done something wrong or illegal.

It was a time when the trust parents had for their children, and the trust that children had in their parents was THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. We we told to act responsibly, and then given opportunity after opportunity to practice being responsible. We did chores, mowed the grass, cut down tree limbs with big hand saws, . . . we respected…

My friends new song has started me thinking . . .

Eric Folkerth is a pastoral friend of mine. He is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, poet and human rights advocate. His new song, "Tell Myself" has been speaking to me.

Now to be completely honest . . . I still don't know why . . . but then, I love and appreciate process, and I love mysteries . . . there is an answer to the question, "Why has this song moved me?" and I will discover the answer in time.

My first initial attempt at trying to figure out how this song has connected to me is perhaps somehow attached to two things I am working through in my own heart and mind.

First, one of my best friends experienced a very big emotional / relational hurt last week. And as his friend and brother, I am longing to discover how to control my own emotions to the situation, and not put on my "Superman" cape and fly in to help him . . . no I can't do that. But what I can and want to do is to become able to better listen to him as he shares his g…

I am attending a Seminar . . .

Just got home from the first of the "Leading Mediation in Churches" seminar in Arlington.
Not bad for the first day . . . I think now I understand how the rest of the week will pan out.
Funny thing . . . I love songs about peace. Peace songs were some of the first songs I learned and sang.
Now, as an adult . . . I am learning how to help people live in peace . . . especially Christians. Feels like I've come full circle.