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Elvis Gospel Concert is tonight!

Join us tonight in the FUMC-Grapevine Sanctuary as we welcome our favorite Elvis impersonator, Mr. Kraig Parker, as he brings us an Elvis themed gospel concert.

7 PM. Come early to get a seat.

Simon and Garfunkel - America . . .

I actually had a few minutes today to wax nostalgic . . . and went to YouTube to see if I could find and "older" Simon and Garfunkel singing " America." Mostly because it is a song I am adding to my personal performance catalog.

OK, I knew what I was looking for . . . because I had seen this show when it came on several years ago. Two gifted singers, a Martin guitar . . . and the absolute silence of the audience.

Can it get any better?

One of my struggles as a singer/guitarist is to discover the different ways to play a guitar so as not to overshadow the vocals. In my mind, I am a singer first, and play at guitar to support my singing. Here, Paul and Art remind us all the same thing that the late Floyd Dakil shared with me once during a guitar lesson I had with him. He told me that as far as guitar goes for every song, that . . . "Less is more."

God's grace, and good music . . . still amazes me . . . ><>

"Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign" - #3

You know, during times when my kids were still at home, I beleive I "resembled" this remark!

I restrung a boy's guitar today . . .

One of the older boys who attends our Monday afterschool program brought me his "First Act" brand electric guitar . . . and asked me if I would put strings on it.

He is proud of his little beginner guitar.

I thought, "why not," and while he was participating in the program, I went over to Grapevine Guitar Works, got some light guage electric guitar strings, and strung the guitar up.

Oh oh! 4 of the tuners were lose . . . a couple of turns with my trusty little phillips head screwdriver I carry in my back pack . . . ah ha! That's all better.

Oh oh! The bride was too low in the back. No saddle on this beginner guitar, so I got the larger screwdriver out of my desk drawer . . . and there . . . all better.

Dad gum little guitar didn't sound half bad.

I showed the boy how to tune using a tuner found on a "learning guitar" website.

If only I could have photographed the look on the boy's face. "His" guitar made music. First time I have ever heard …

Los Lonely Boys . . .

If this just isn't fun to listen to and watch . . . well, then . . . you must be older than I am.

I am going to get this DVD.

God's grace still amazes me . . . as does good music . . . ><>

Sign, Sign, Everywhere at Sign . . . #2

I saw this sign a while back at a shop in Fredericksburg, TX. I can really appreciate the owners attitude. Works for me!

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign . . . #1

I had to laugh at this today. I was exiting the restroom at a local restaurant, on the wall was this "ad" for teens. Just too cute.

Open . . .

I started to read Andre Agassi's book, "Open," last night. A gift from my oldest daughter for Christmas several years ago.
I hadn't read this long in quite a while, and when I looked at the alarm clock on my bed side table . . . 1:58 AM!!!! 3 hours!
Not a bad book. A lot of what I am about, in terms of my core values, strengths, passions and faith is based in discovering who I am, especially as a child of God. My introvert friends will no doubt shudder should they read this. At heart, I am a pleaser . . . so for many of my early years, it was not about discovering what I wanted to be or felt called to do. It was all about what someone else wanting me to be or do.
When I counsel people, one of the questions I use during the first session is . . . "what did you want to be when you grew up?"
Our inner child is not a dumb or narrow sighted as we think.
I will finish the book tonight or tomorrow. If you like books about self-discovery, and coming to t…

I really don't like sour cream . . .

Honestly . . . I can't stand the stuff, and can't deal with the knowledge it was used as an ingredient in stuff I am served to eat.
If I ever write a blues song, it will be called, "I Hate Sour Cream!"

I'm just saying.
Sour cream looks like white spackle. Tasted like it the last time I tried it eat it.
How I know what spackle tastes like is another story for another day.
God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

Pondering, Pondering, Pondering . . .


My normal two weeks of serious/deep thinking (usually the last week of December and first week of January) has extended into a 3rd week, and looks to be heading into a 4th week.

Good stuff I'm thinking about . . . actually, some of it is pretty "heavy."

Am I at a crossroads, you ask? No . . . don't think so . . . just thinking about some stuff that "used" to be important to me.

Funny thing, the older I get, the less I am willing to stand up for. However, what I am willing to stand up for . . . I am pretty rock solid about those things.

Perhaps such attitudes come because of clarity brought about by life experience and maturity.

I sure wish that years ago I knew what I know now!!!! But alas, that can never be.

I do seem to be seeing, no it's really more about sensing, a path, albeit a cloudy / out-of-focus path . . . that is calling me / inviting me . . . and, it seems, in my spirit, I know that I need to travel down that path, and put my trust in God whi…

Taylor GS Mini

For the record . . . January 3, 2011 . . .
I really, really, really love my Taylor GS Mini. I plugged it in today to my Loudbox 100 amp, cranked the gain all the way . . . and rocked out to "Walk Away." Not the "Eagles" version, but the "James Gang" version from Joe Walsh's early years.
Awesome . . . it's not an LP . . . but really, I was very pleased.
I wouldn't ever do this in public . . . I just wanted to see what would happen. Nothing exploded, thank God! The amp was so loud, I couldn't hear my voice! Hmmmm, my home study doesn't seem to be as dusty as it was earlier!
Bob Taylor had a neat idea when he created this guitar.
God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>