Monday, January 24, 2011

I restrung a boy's guitar today . . .

One of the older boys who attends our Monday afterschool program brought me his "First Act" brand electric guitar . . . and asked me if I would put strings on it.

He is proud of his little beginner guitar.

I thought, "why not," and while he was participating in the program, I went over to Grapevine Guitar Works, got some light guage electric guitar strings, and strung the guitar up.

Oh oh! 4 of the tuners were lose . . . a couple of turns with my trusty little phillips head screwdriver I carry in my back pack . . . ah ha! That's all better.

Oh oh! The bride was too low in the back. No saddle on this beginner guitar, so I got the larger screwdriver out of my desk drawer . . . and there . . . all better.

Dad gum little guitar didn't sound half bad.

I showed the boy how to tune using a tuner found on a "learning guitar" website.

If only I could have photographed the look on the boy's face. "His" guitar made music. First time I have ever heard this boy say "Thank you!" without being coached to do so.

Funny . . . how it only takes a couple of minutes to help get a boys dream rolling along. And conversely, it only takes a few minutes to kill a dream forever.

I choose today to enable a dream to move forward a bit. I hope and pray that such will be my normal response to such things in the future.

"Music was his life, it was not his livelihood. And it made him feel so happy, and it made him feel so good." - Harry Chapin from "Mr. Tanner."

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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