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When you ask me to sing . . .

Every year I try to post a blog article about what you can expect if you ask me to come and perform a therapeutic music program, or some other music program.

Well first . . . it depends on my calendar.

I am not a full-time singer/musician/performer.  I am a full-time ordained pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Grapevine, Texas.  

And, for the record . . . I love my job!!!!

However, as my schedule allows, I am able to accept invitations to sing at various "appropriate" venues.  These are listed in the column located just right of this blog entry.  Scroll down and read all the sections and you will get a gist of what I can do.

But since I depend a lot on word-of-mouth referrals, and since I have just come out of a period of in-activity due to a year long bout with cancer, I thought I could write a bit of a refresher . . . especially for those of you who seem to drop my name to others with the comment ... "you ought to get this guy to come sing for you."

Rick serving as Assembly and Worship Leader at VBS - June 24-28

It's that time of year again!!!!

Vacation Bible School!

I think I live for VBS each year.  My memories of VBS are numerous and ALL good.

Sad, perhaps to say, that some of my best memories in my life are VBS related.

On the other hand . . . some of my best memories in the my life are VBS related!  Awesome!!!!

Yep . . . I am VBS'r at heart . . . and proud of it.

I will be the Assembly and Worship leader at our SonWest Roundup VBS beginning at 9 AM on Monday, June 24th through June 28th.  Finally . . . we are doing a VBS with a western theme, which means I get to wear my big Philmont Scout Ranch Cowboy Hat every day!!!

And . . . I get to sing and play guitar every day!

And . . . I get to lead stunts every day!

And . . .

Yep . . . I am a VBS'r at heart . . . and proud of it.

Registration for VBS continues . . . the link to the VBS info page on the FUMC-Grapevine web site at . . . o…

Rick singing for New Horizons on May 28th

A concert featuring the songs I grew up with as a child, youth and young adult . . .

Come hear, and join in the singing of many favorite folk music classics, also songs by Glen Campbell, John Denver, Elvis, Jerry Reed, as well as several Broadway love songs from the 60's.

Come listen . . . come clap . . . come dance . . . or come sing!  We are going to have a lot of fun.

For more info, click . . . or contact the FUMC-Grapevine Church Office at 817-481-2559

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

Ready to start blogging again . . .

Howdy y'all!

Work has begun in earnest to get my personal and ministry-based music ministry back and running since my recent "disease free" report from my oncologist.

How I wish now, in hindsight, that I would have kept singing regularly somewhere.  My fingers on both hands are going to need some re-training as I start playing and singing more.

About all I've done as far as guitars and singing since this past September has been the occasional Children's Time in worship; singing once for a kindergarten class that my daughter is the teacher of (that was a blast!);  singing a few songs for some 3 year olds who attend the Creative Learning Center at our church; and performing part of one gig with Jim Newton and Paul G. Hill of, which I had to leave because of a call from a family that had experienced a death.

Except for playing here and there at the Grapevine Guitar Store (really not playing, just piddling around on new Guild and Taylor models) that'…