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Ok, what are the odds . . .

I recently went to visit a church member who was rehabbing at a nearby rehab center.
When I came back out, I realized that I had parked between two red pick up trucks.
What the odds?
God's Grace still amazes me. . . . ><>

Singing at a bedside . . .

I was invited to the home of one of our senior saints today . . . a woman near the end of her life.  Her health is declining . . . and I could see and sense that when I saw her . . . I had not seen her in several months.   

She lives with her daughter, who called me yesterday and asked if I could come over and "sing for Mom."  We scheduled it for this afternoon, and I was able to make it without anyone else requesting my time.

I admit that I still find it difficult to sing to children when they are in a hospital bed.  They can sense if you are faking it . . . if you are not genuine or sincere.   Yet, I have no such trouble singing to an older adult in the same situation.  I know why.  I've been around older adults in my life.  I was taught by my family to appreciate them . . . to respect them . . . to be courteous to them . . . and to love them for their advice, counsel and stories.   Older adults have enriched my life. 

Many of the churches I have pastored . . . had …

Counting my blessings . . . life and music.

Greetings to all . . . (the 6 of you who I know read this . . . I love ya!)

Today is my 38th wedding anniversary to my lovely wife, Liz.  I am so blessed.   So blessed in fact that I started to count my blessings.  Far too many.  Out of counting blessings came the musical thoughts and observations below.

After an extremely busy month of July, which included 3 trips to NW Arkansas, I am enjoying the return of a more productive rhythm during this month of August.

And . . . I am back to singing again every Monday morning.

My next major personal and professional project is to continue my journey to simplify more of my life.   My friends who know me well know that I live in a lot of clutter.

I have lots of stuff (physical clutter).

I have lots of interests (mental clutter).

I have lots of responsibilities and commitments (calendar clutter).

And, I have lots of guitars and music related gear.

KISS is my new motto . . . with emphasis on the last  "S."

What I don't have much …

Well I'll be . . . I just didn't think I had it in me . . .

I had the pleasure of singing for some of the residents who live at The Atria in Grapevine, Texas.  My schedule permitting, I sing to there on the first Monday of the month.   I usually sing for the folks back in the Memory Care unit.  They are a lively bunch, and they like to sing.

As I have shared before, I take an iPad with me and have it on a short music stand.  My iPad has all the words to all the songs I am comfortable performing (probably over 200+).   I also use an AirTurn Bluetooth pedal, which lets me advance the pages up and down as I sing, should I need the words or chords.

Well, as luck would have it . . . the AirTurn pedal battery was dead (it's recharging here in my office as I type this).  So, I had no choice but to sing from memory for 50 minutes.  The audience was waiting.

I sang and played, and surprised myself in the process.  I never turned the iPad on, and just sang and sang.  We had a good time.  One resident got up and started dancing in place.  People wer…

Let's start singing!

If all goes as planned (and it seldom does in reality) I will be back to an almost full load of singing in August.

I hope so.  July was a busy month, but we did squeeze some vacation time into it.  That did me a world of good.  Even got to go fishing for a day!

My preaching and singing schedule is in the column just to the right of this blog post.  Prayers appreciated.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>