Tuesday, May 17, 2016

R.I.P. - Guy Clark

I just read that Texas songwriting legend Guy Clark just passed away at 74 years of age after a couple of years of illness.

If you are into Texas music, especially TEXAS country western music (not the current regurgitated rock-n-roll country music) then you have heard of Guy Clark, or you have heard songs he has written.

My two favorite Guy Clark songs are "Desparado Waiting for a Train," and "The Guitar."  I'm not really sure what kind of a man he was, but his bio is impressive.  A renaisance man to say the least.  I am told he lived his life with a very dry, but kind, sense of humor.  I'm told that a lot of songwriters and storytellers are like that.

Click on the video and enjoy.

God's grace still amazes me . . . as well as a good Guy Clark song . . . ><>

Monday, May 2, 2016

Thank you Crowley Senior Citizen Center

Ruby Hawes at the Crowley Senior Citizen Center sent me a picture of the CSCC gang and I went I went to sing for them on St. Patrick's Day.  A sweet group of good folks. I will enjoy singing to them each month.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

I miss an audience . . .