Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lenten Daily Devotional - Day 13 - 2/27/13

Devotional Scripture:  John 8:1-41

Devotional Thought:

"Who are you?' they asked." - John 8:25

Here we go again . . . those in authority feel they are being questioned, challenged, perhaps even attacked.

Their response?  In my own words . . . "We know what God really wants! It's our way or the highway!  Who do YOU think you are to tell us otherwise?"

Read/listen to what Nathan Firmin once wrote about this text:

"The scribes and Pharisees pushed their authority, speaking without listening, demanding conformity or expulsion from fellowship.  Where are we tempted to do the same?"

Over the years since the appearances of the last prophets, and the eventual control of the region by Rome, many of the Jewish religious leaders had moved away from the authority of scripture and eventually held in higher regard their own "commentary" about, or "interpretation" of scripture.

In truth . . . the religious leaders started speaking for God.  In my heart, I believe speaking for God is the roadblock of all roadblocks.  Our call as people of faith is not to speak for God, but to focus instead on listening to God with all our hearts and strength.

Again, we see the age-old personal and religious conflict of "what we want/how we want things to be" verses "God's lvoing solution to the situation."

It is only fair here to reiterate, again,  that faith is not simple.  It's hard work . . . because at some point along the road to Christ and Easter comes the need to for many of us to say in prayer, "God . . . Your way is the best way . . . I will listen now, and wait for Your Word for me!"  Letting go and letting God is hard work.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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