Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Operation Philmont" begins this Friday . . .

Well . . . I am sure I am going to live to regret making this one particular blog entry.

Anyway . . . here goes nothing . . .

"Operation Philmont" begins on Friday. What, you are asking, is "Operation Philmont?"

I am not really that glad that you ask . . . but I know that I am going to need some help.

"Operation Philmont" is my exercise and diet plan to start getting into shape so that when I go to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico this coming September, I will be in good enough physical shape to survive the experience.

The plan . . . includes beginning a diet excluding processed carbohydrates (white food) and increasing the amount of fresh greens I eat. Weening myself from diet Dr. Pepper in favor of good ol' H20 . . . and eliminating my usual 3:30 PM snack.

My bike has been tuned up, and I will begin this Friday doing some riding in the parks near my home, working up to 10 miles in less than an hour (my old goal when I was biking 3 years ago. I could do 10 miles in 45 minutes depending on traffic.)

And, I am going to start walking / day hiking again. I don't know of anything more theraputic for me personally, than going on day hikes. Yes, I have arthristis in both knees, but day hiking involves taking careful steps, and planning the route, carrying the food and water I will need. My wife and I at one time could do a 3-5 mile day hike with no problem. Shoot, thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail do 15+ a day.

There are a lot of places to walk / day hike in Texas . . . over 60+ listed routes in and around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

The goal, again, is to go up to Philmont in September, serving as the chaplain of an adult training event there . . . and survive the experience. I need to be in better shape in order to handle the altitude as well.

In honesty, part of my motivation for doing this, is to do it for my health . . . but also as a tribute to my late friend, senior pastor and ministry partner, Ken Diehm. He placed such emphasis on being physically fit. He loved to bike, both road riding and mountain biking. His effort in being physically fit served him well.

I pray for the same in my life.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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