Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some thoughts . . . possibly all connected . . .

A good week of rest . . . muchly needed. . . and muchly appreciated.

A week of sabbath level rest. In and of itself, a part of a my Lenten journey this year. I am also experiencing the positive results of several decisions which came with clarity during this time.

First, I changed my diet . . . a change that is having positive effects I have never previously considered as being connected to what one eats.

Second, I got back on a regular daily devotional schedule . . . with benefits already making themselves known.

Third, my new ukulele books came in . . . I am making music again.

Fourth, I quit worrying about seeing past the next couple of years. Time to live for today, in the "NOW!" Faith is faith.

Fifth, I am going to put even more emphasis on singing in the community. Whoever wants to hear me, provided by schedule allows, I am going to work to make it happen.

God's grace still amazes me . . . it pretty much blows me away . . . ><>

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