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The diet . . .

The diet I am on is not really a diet . . . but rather my adopting a new core value through the daily use of a question which I hope will become a more integral part of my life.

The question is: Do . . . I . . . Eat . . . This?

What I have decided, after reading and research . . . is to eat fruits, vegetables, natural grains and nuts . . . while reducing meat consumption to 30g or less a day, which is probably around 9 ounces of meat (baked or roasted).

In other words, I am eating very little "processed" foods (no flour and sugars). In a week I can already tell a world of difference in how I feel physically, my energy level is up, and I am sleeping more soundly.

And, I have lost a few pounds as well. My quarterly physical in next month, so my doctor will no doubt be pleased. Hopefully, I will be off some of my meds as the weight decreases.

Some people call this a diabetes diet . . . some call it a "Bible" diet. I just call it good, so far.

God's grace, and good earth foods, still amaze me . . . ><>


Dale Schultz said…
Phrasing food consumption and dieting as the question, "Do I eat this?" is a helpful suggestion for me. Thanks.

My reflections during this season of Renewal have included pondering the joy that I have in tasting, in feeling *full*. I'm also confronted by how sedentary my life has become.

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