Monday, December 1, 2008

My introduction to Gadow Guitars . . .

Took a short break this past Thanksgiving weekend to travel to Marshall and Jefferson, Texas with my wife and two of our dear friends. Stopped in the Band Stand Music store in downtown Marshall, and was introduced by the staff there to Gadow Guitars.

My good friend Sean introduced me to P-90 pick-ups a while back, and we built my Hotrod #2 with them. This particular Gadow felt like several PRS I have had the chance to play at a couple DFW area Guitar Center stores. However, the neck on the one I am playing in the picture felt a little different . . . a bit fuller from front-to-back is the best way to describe it. Didn't cause the ol' thumb on the left hand any problems. The P-90's on this guitar had a "crunch" that I liked very much, sort of a late 60's early 70's sound. The same guitar comes in a semi-hollow, but I didn't see it in stock.

I liked the guitar very much. Less than $1,000 from a company based out of North Carolina with excellent customer service, or so I was told.

By the way . . . who combed my hair that morning??? Who dressed me for that matter???

What was I thinking???

Apparantly I dress down for vacation (or days off as well). For those who want to know. . . that is my favorite shirt in the whole world that I am wearing in the picture. A denim shirt on a cold day . . . ahhhhhhh!

Guitars and denim shirts . . . I think I feel a song coming on. Wonder if Willie Nelson, George Strait, Monte Montgomery or John Mayer have already beat me to it?

Ever forward . . . ><>

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