Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nobel Peace Prize for Pete Seeger . . .

Editorial addition . . . 12/1/08) . . . I have a great respect for the musical efforts of Pete Seeger since I first became aware of him in the late 1960's and early 1970's. I do not agree with all the causes and stands Pete has taken over the years. I have, however, been drawn to his music, simple as it is, and his style of performing which invites the audience to participate in the concert. Other favorite artists of mine, Harry Chapin, John Denver; Peter, Paul and Mary, Arlo Guthrie . . . did the same thing. All shared in many different ways how Pete Seeger was an influence to them.

I guess I am drawn to stuff like that.  Seems a lot of folk singers in the past not only sang for people, but also sang with people.

Singing, for me, is a way of getting different people who believe different things to all come to the same table . . . for while singing around that table, different people (in my humble experience) become family together. Becoming family (again, in my humble experience) is the first step in getting people, who support conflicting causes, talking about peace with one another. If that's the case, then I believe Pete's name is worthy of submission for the Nobel Prize, for he has done just that for many, many years.  

Yes, I know and am well aware about what many say about Pete's past. But I believe in grace and a 2nd chance. I believe his music, his work toward world peace, and support of environmental causes over the past 30 years are, in my opinion, worthy of my personal respect. 

Will Pete ever be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize? In truth, I honestly doubt it. 
But, stranger things in this world have happened.

RM ><>

My grandmother's death got me thinking about a few things. My first 12-string guitar was a gift from my grandmother. She knew that I enjoyed singing several songs that Pete Seeger was singing at the time, and he often used a 12-string guitar.

Later, she helped me get my "old" 4-string tenor banjo. Funny thing. Pete Seeger plays a 5-string banjo.

I just found out today that there is an effort underway to have Pete Seeger nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Info can be found here.

I have never been one for petitions. I have always preferred individual action over just signing my name to something. Seems to me that signing petitions is to simply and never costs me much.

I did sign this petition.

Please read more about this petition effort if interested, and if after reading and further reflection you feel motivated to do so, then please add your name to it. If not, then know that I respect your opinion and decision.

Ever forward . . . ><>

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