Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New possibilities . . .

I don't know about you . . . (But then, how could I???)

Does the coming of the new year make anyone else feel like there are just a bunch of new possibilities that begin tomorrow, January 1, 2009, that were not possible yesterday, December 30, 2008??

You may have to read that 3-4 times for it to make sense. It didn't make much sense when I first wrote it . . . but you can probably get the drift of my meaning.

I have made a large number of pastoral-care phone calls today. And as I spoke and listened, I began to understand that most all of the people I spoke to, especially those who have experienced illness or a death in their family, responded how they feel that the new year will be different, more positive, with new possibilities, especially for healing and for personal peace.

I guess I agree.

And . . . where did this sudden rush or "new" burst of energy and suddenly clearer focus come from? I sure could have used it during Advent!

I had planned to use the week after Christmas to relax, rest up, maybe do some reading.

Instead . . .

-I have already pulled a new devotional book from the book shelf, and placed it in my shoulder bag, and will begin reading it tomorrow morning during my daily devotions.

-I have my study Bible already bookmarked to begin reading Genesis tomorrow.

-I am getting ready to call some friends with some new ideas for our joint activity in the coming year.

-I have cleaned out my files (throwing away most of what I filed in the first place) and have my year somewhat planned out for the things I know I will be doing here at the church.

-I have a new notebook ready for the writing of 12 new childrens worship songs.

-I called another nursing home to volunteer to sing on a regular basis.

Is it that the new year brings the hint of new possibilities . . . maybe to have one or more "do-overs" . . .

Or . . . does the arrival of a new year bring us a new, fresher sense of hope . . . that something in our lives, family, work, etc., in 2009 will be a little bit better than it was in 2008?

Hope is a good thing . . . for without it . . . we are lost. Better to have hope for a new year, than to have no hope, and be lost before the new year even begins.

Ever forward . . . ><>

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