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A New Year a coming . . .

Funny thing . . .

Huh?  Has anyone ever noticed how often I start my writing efforts with "Funny thing . . ."

Usually things that make me laugh . . . they don't make other people laugh.   My wife has lovingly suggested many times that I have a perverse sense of humor.

I need to look that up.

Anyway . . . funny thing . . .

After years of sharing, relating, and too often griping about how I usually am quite glad, even relieved, when Advent / Christmas is over . . . . when . . . "darn it" . . . I have a wonderful Christmas experience.

Our theme at the church this year for Advent was "A Simple Christmas."   We got our idea from the folks at the Advent Conspiracy website.  

For Advent this year . . . we encouraged everyone to:

-Worship more
-Spend less
-Give more of ourselves
-Love all 

And . . . wouldn't you know it . . . this year I had a very wonderful, and very spiritual Christmas.   
My wife and I chose to not share purchased gifts this year with each other . . . instead giving to each other the gift of our individual time and attention.   We gave small, but very personable gifts to our family members and a few friends  . . . and then sought out others who truly needed a special gift.   

This year . . . we quietly "gifted" several of the waiters and waitresses who serve us when we frequent certain area eating establishments.  

In particular . . . IHOP and Sonic.

Seeing someone's eyes light up when someone gives them a gift, when they would have never expected to get a gift . . .

"No thank you  . . . we don't want to order anything today . . . we just came by to give this to you . . ." (a nice card in an envelope with a monetary gift.)

Now I know how Santa Claus feels. 

Now the really funny thing .  . . after having had a pretty decent Christmas . . . I am actually getting excited about 2009!

Here we are, just days away  from a new year . . . and I find myself "creatively" contemplating some much needed "to-do's", prioritizing some personal goals, starting the planning for our spring "String Band" concert, daring to dream some interesting "what if's"  . . . and I am excited about it!

Hallelujah!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Funny thing . . . 

Every forward . . . ><>


Mark said…
Way to go, buddy! A lot of us complain about the commercialization of Christmas, but rarely do anything about it. The practice of gifting people who serve us is a terrific idea and truly in the spirit of the've inspired me.

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