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A busy day of singing yesterday . . .

Well, I announced that I was going to start singing in public again as part of my ministry after a 10+ week break.

Yesterday, I sang at Silverlake Elementary here in Grapevine, TX for 4 of the 3rd grade classes, as part of Career Day.   I went to share my work as a Theraputic Music Entertainer singing to children in hospitals and to senior adults in nursing home/rehab centers. 

It was fun . . . the kids were great.  Most of the other presenters gave talks, etc.   I shared that the best way to tell the kids about what I do musically, was to do it with them. 

It was awesome.

Last night, I had the honor and privilege of presenting a concert for the Southwest Retired BSA Executives Reunion at the Hyatt Park Hotel.  I sang a selection of folk and camp fire songs, and threw in a couple Elvis tunes so folks could sing and clap together.  A fine bunch of people, including two of the guys who planted the seed in my head several years ago about going to Philmont Scout Ranch as a Chaplain.

My Guild F-512 got a work out yesterday, and I did to.  The evening concert involved having to use my mic and amp, and for once I had it dialed in to the room almost perfectly.  You have to understand, I was in a small banquet room with 75 "retired" people, and no one complained about the music being too loud, or that they couldn't hear. 

I take that as a "win" any day.

God's grace, and a good sing-a-long-song, still amaze me . . . ><>


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