Monday, May 28, 2012

Tigger update . . . and life goes on . . . cause it has to . . .

An update about Tigger, our Sheltie who died on May 20th.  We received his ashes the following Wednesday, and gave them a noble spot in my wife pottery display case.  We walk by the cedar  box his ashes are in several times a day.  It feels good to have his "with us" as we continue to grieve.

Much appreciation, by the way, to those of you who read this blog, who responded directly to us with calls and cards.  My family all checked in with calls and test messages.  I have a good family.

Life goes on . . . because it has to . . . at least in my case. 

The day after Tigger died, I sang at one of my regular Monday nursing home gigs.   Can't remember a time I cut loose singing and playing guitar like I did that morning.  It was good for those in attendance, as many sang with me, clapped hands and yelled "Ye-Haw".  

It was therapeutic to me as well.  A great release of emotions in a positive way.  

Then . . . life came calling big time.

I officiated the funeral of an 18 month old this past Saturday.  A beautiful little boy.  His family has such faith, but I know they are hurting terribly.  It was an honor to be there pastor for several days.  The funeral was through Foust & Sons funeral home in Grapevine, and I was called to see if I would officiate.  

How does a pastor say "No" to a family who has lost an 18 month old??   

The service was healing, everything went well.  I hope to see this family again in the future. 

The next day, this past Sunday, I was honored to officiate at the baptism of a beautiful 3 month old baby boy, the first born of a couple whose wedding I officiated at a couple of years ago. 

Talk about life coming full circle.  Bury one . . . baptize another.  

But then, that's how the ministry is sometimes.

This Friday, I will officiate the funeral of a 2 day old baby girl.

Life goes on . . . circles . . . cycles . . . ups and downs . . . those of us alive needing keep moving along, even if we stop long enough to say goodbye to someone or something no longer with us.

When does the grieving take place?  Well, sometimes we work it in when we can, or when the grief gets to us, often blindsiding us in the process.  Grief is sort of like the small child that bugs you at odd times with the request "Please deal with me!"   But even in the process . . . you have to start moving again . . . start living again. 

How long does it take?  As long as it has to.  Grief is an individual journey.  But life goes on . . . because it has to.  At least if you are a UMC pastor. 
God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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