Friday, May 18, 2012

Singing at Cook Children's Medical Center today . . .

Today I return to singing in area hospitals for children with Jim Newton and Paul G. Hill of Hugworks.

I took a needed break from public singing that began before Lent.  But today, thanks to my schedule not being so full this week, I will leave here shortly for the drive into Ft. Worth to Cook Children's Medical Center.  We will sing in individual patient and activity/game rooms this morning, and then do the same after lunch.

Jim and Paul are my music mentors, for both singing and guitar playing.  I always pick up an answer from then for a question I might have . . . as well as an answer or two to questions I hadn't thought to ask yet.

There are both very good at teaching me something I need to know.  But then, that is the nature of our relationship.  I am the student/learning in this relationship.  They are the mentors.  They have the experience I both want and wish I had.  I think having mentors in various areas of life is a very proactive thing.  Even at age 55, I have so much to learn, far more so than I could ever imagine.

As I begin this journey of mine, toward becoming an elder, I hope I can travel the road well enough that I can teach others about Therapeutic Music Entertainment for children in hospitals and for seasoned seniors in nursing home and care facilities.  It is an awfully good thing to be doing, and it enriches the children, nursing home residents, and myself in many wonderful ways.

Off to sing!  Off to play guitar!  Off to make a joyful noise!

What joyful noise are you going to make today?

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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