Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Singing to seniors again . . .

On Monday, I sang at the Legend's Health Care and Rehab Center in Euless at my new 1st Monday at 3:30 PM time slot.

It appears that I am the once-a-month "before dinner" entertainment.

Works for me!

When I started, there were 7 waiting for me.  When I finished 50 minutes later, there were over 30 in the room.  I think we all had a blast.

When we sing to children in hospitals, our catalog of songs is limited to those that have been vetted for us by child life specialists and other experts.  The reasons for that are many, and all good.  I'll touch on them in another blog in the future.

When I sing to seniors, however, I have access to a much, much larger catalog of songs.  Songs I sang on Monday included . . .

-A Thing Called Love (maybe Jerry Reed's best song)
-For Bobbie (one of John Denver's best ballads)
-Route 66
-Love Me Tender (a favorite Elvis song for many of them)
-This Land is Your Land
-Blowing in the Wind
-Inside, Inside (a great TME song for kids and seniors, both)
-Friends of the Family (another great TME song)
-Try a Little Kindness
-Johnny Be Good
-I Believe in Music

And, they get my somewhat skewed sense of humor. . . .

A preacher, priest and a rabbi walk into a bar.  The bartender says, "What is this, a joke?" (Rimshot!!!)

There's more folks. I'll be here all week!

I took my trusty Guild 12 string with me . . . and again, fun was had by all.

Especially me.

You know you've done a good job, when staff members come in and join the fun!

God's grace, my senior friends, and good music still amaze me . . . ><>

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