Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another blessing on it's way . . .

Well, the one-of-a-kind custom Taylor GS sinker redwood topped guitar that I wrote about earlier . . .

It seems that Sean Simon (the best sponsor a children's and nursing home singer could ever have) at the Grapevine Guitar Works store (the best guitar store in the world) made arrangements for me to have it.  It is scheduled to be delivered by UPS this Thursday.  I do work for Sean at the store as my schedule allows, and he has been a very generous sponsor of my music ministry for over 6 years.  I got mad at him a while back for allowing me to use such good stuff.

His response . . . "never ever stop anyone from having the opportunity to be generous."

Funny, as I pastor, I should already know that.

I started out singing in nursing homes years ago with instruments that were crap.  Only had a Sigma guitar I got back in the early 90's.  Then, just before I came to Grapevine in 2005, my friends Joe and Floyd, along with a grant from the Central Texas Methodist Foundation, I was able to get a really decent Martin DC-16gte.  "Marty" is my baby, and is now retired  after 7 years of hard use, and living in my home study.  They say good acoustic guitars come into their own between 8-10 years of age.  Marty is just on the cusp of sounding so great.  But, she is banged up a bit . . . and my sentimental attachment is too deep to risk it.  Anyway, with Sean's help, I have my two Guild's and will have two Taylors, the redwood GS and a NS-74 nylon string.

Man, I need to be done . . . like really, I need to be done.  What other guitar do I need?

Oh, wait . . . there is a Gibson AJ-45 I saw the other day . . .

I say need . . . not want!!!!

Today, I am excited, and yet humbled beyond measure about the Taylor GS.  I am also a bit ashamed, yet once again, about how I lust after guitars, and I plan to confess a bit to Floyd when he comes for our semi-annual visit-jam session-conflab scheduled for this Friday.

I have noticed something about better built guitars . . . I play them more, a lot more.  I pick one up and strum or fingerpick several times each day.  And I always start singing when I play, because that is what I am, a singer of songs.   When you practice sometimes twice a day, you can only get better.   And if I get better, then some child or some senior adult is going to be able to enjoy themselves that much more.

And that is why I sing and play guitar in the first place . . . to make a joyful noise, or to cause one to be made where ever I am!

God's grace, and a good guitar, still amaze me . . . ><>

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