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62 pounds lost so far . . .

Well, the weight loss still continues, but things have slowed down to a snails pace.
I've only lost another pound in the past month. However, I have lost another inch in my waist line . . . even the new pants my wife purchased for me 2 months ago are now quite loose. Without a belt, they would fall off.

I have punched new holes in both of my "new" belts (I bought both back in March).

I have been advised that I need to "shock" my system . . . meaning, I guess, that it is time for a new and more strenuous form of exercise.

So, I am taking my mountain bike down from it's rack tomorrow . . . doing a check gear and brake check . . . airing up the tires . . . and going for a bike ride. It's time . . . I need to take my efforts up a notch.

Ever forward . . . ><>


Steve Heyduck said…
Congrats again and still on your weight loss and health. Re- the slowing of loss and needing to shock your system: are you still trying to lose? How much lower is your goal?

I've pretty much plateaued over the past 4 months, and should do something, because my goal is another 10 down from where I got to.
Rick said…
My goal is to be able to do the 4 day hike into the Grand Canyon. In all honesty, I do not know how many more pounds that will mean.

I guess if there is a goal, then it is to lose enough weight where I can go without my CPAP machine for the 4 days it will take. The answer to this may come when I see my sleep doctor in another 6 months or so.

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