Monday, August 4, 2008

A unique central Texas resource . . .

My mom lives down in Salado, TX, an historic old stagecoach town that is now a pleasant little village just south of Temple / Belton on I-35. A very lovely little community with shops, Scottish Clan reunions, and lots of lights at Christmas time. It is mainly known as the long time home of the historic Stage Coach Inn and Restaurant.

However, if you are ever in Salado on Friday or Saturday . . . please, please, please try to go by and catch the show at the Salado Silver Spur Theater. Mom took my wife and I to the Saturday afternoon matinee to see their annual summer melodrama.

It was a hoot as we were led to cheer the hero and boo the villian, whose name was Snidley Whiplash, IV. During the fall and spring, they show famous silent movies, have live vaudiville entertainment, and host the occassional concert or two (as well as the Bush wedding rehearsal dinner).

The Salado Silver Spur Theater is a rare Texas gem.

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