Monday, August 11, 2008

No, I am not yet officially endorsing Apple notebook computers . . .

But . . . I am now using one.

Why you ask? And I knew you would ask that . . .

My Dell Inspiron gave up the ghost after a long battle with various electrical and programmatic demons of various kinds. In other words . . . I tried to change some settings so it would work with my new wireless router . . . and I screwed up the operating system. The only option I have is to pay someone to hack into it, if possible, and restore a new password program, if possible.

It gave me 4-5 good years of service . . . but it was heavy . . . and always ran real hot to the touch.

With a wedding coming up (that I am expected to pay for) . . . buying a new computer is not the wisest way to spend money.

So, my daughter and her fiance came to my rescue, and now I have my daughter's old Imac notebook computer.

My future son-in-law, to my complete surprise and pleasure, is an Apple computer expert of sorts . . . and before you know it . . . I have an Apple notebook that has Word and Excel, and works off my wireless router . . . and which is, despite being 6 years old, a lot faster than my Dell PC.

Have Apple notebooks always been this easy to use??? I don't use many of the programs I have here in my church office on my home computer . . . so except for finding out if I can get my guitar teacher program to load . . . this is going to work for me.

And . . . I can go to Starbucks, where my Apple computer genius future son-in-law works, and get on the internet . . . and look really cool (or geeky) . . . and find out if I am too old to be hip again.

Wish I liked coffee. But they do have great blueberry muffins. Wait, muffins aren't on my diet.

Wasn't this blog about Apple notebook computers . . .

See . . . a new computer . . . opens a whole new world.

Ever forward . . . ><>


doodlebugmom said...

If I didn't have a "geek" for a son, I probably would not have a computer at all. So if I disappear when he goes to college you know what happened to me! :o)

Eric Folkerth said...

to paraphrase Dell, "Dude, you're gonna LOVE that Apple."