Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am often asked to recommend a study Bible . . .

Here are my quick answers . . .

1) Life Application Study Bible

I have an old NRSV translation of this Bible (no longer in print), along with a New Living Translation. I have use of an NIV translation in our church library next door to my office. I enjoy the study notes, which in my opinion do not tell you what to believe, but offer instead some good, thoughtful suggestions on how to apply Scripture to your life. This study Bible comes in 4-5 translations.

2) Thompson Chain Reference Bible

I have my late Methodist Preacher grandfathers old Thompson KJV. I have used one on and off for over 25 years. My current Thompson is a large print NIV. This is one of the best quality made Bibles, and I expect to hand-it-down to one of my daughters or grand children later in life. The genuine leather versions are that well built.

The Thompson is not, by definition, a true Study Bible, as there are no commentary notes. The reference materials may be a little dated scholastically . . . but following the chain references to me is just fascinating, and always worth the effort.

3) ESV Study Bible

I've only seen a little bit from the ESV Study Bible website . . . but I am excited at what I see. I pre-ordered mine months ago, and look forward to their being shipped and on-shelf beginning in October 2008.

Again, a quick suggestion . . . there are many others of note.

Ever forward . . . ><>

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