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An early Friday morning meditation . . .


I'm looking out my dining area window this morning.   A little after 8 AM.  The sun is up and the angle of the sun's rays are coming across my back yard.  My neighbors very tall pink flowered crepe myrtle tree is in full summer bloom, thanks is part to the 4-5 days of rains showers we have had here.  All my potted plants seem to be thriving.  And, wouldn't you know it . . . I notice several new blossoms on my tomato plants!!!  And I have a least 3 green bell peppers to pick, along with a nice looking eggplant!

Man, if I had planted some okra this year . . . we would be eating really good this weekend.

The leaves on my large oak tree, located next to my back yard deck, are filtering the light of the sun.  Leaves on the outside of the tree canopy are almost a greenish silver, while the leaves inside the canopy are a deep dark green, with just a hint of silver on their edges.

There are humming birds working around the blossoms on my two very large Turks Cap, oh how they dart around here and there, probing flowers for the sweetness they contain.  My cat, Corky, is laying in the yard, right in the middle of a sunbeam.   He has his head up, and his eyes are closed.  I do believe he is smiling as a slight breeze ruffles his fur.

The empty bird feeders remind me that it has been too wet to walk to the back of the yard to fill them.   I know the birds around here don't really need the seeds from my feeders.  But I do like them to think of me as a good neighbor.

Birds, cats, a slight breeze . . . tomato blossoms, red Turks Cap blossoms, yellow Esparanza blossoms, and purple silver sage blossoms . .  . all on August 22nd!

I don't know what you would think if you were here in my place.   I know what I think.  I am thinking that I am glad that I look for God in so many places.  I sure see God in my backyard today.
My backyard was a wreck when we first moved in.  No flowers, and our Oak tree was in very, very bad shape.   In three years we have planted different native Texas plants, which all feature summer blossoms.   We have trimmed and pruned, watered and added fertilizer, and we have offered lots of verbal encouragement.  

Yeah, I talk to my plants.  My neighbor on more than one occassion has called from his yard, "Rick, who are you talking to?"

I think my back yard is about redemption . . . having another chance to be what you can truly be.   

I guess I see God everywhere I see redemption being lived out.   I guess I see God everytime I see someone or something getting a 2nd chance.

I guess, if you really look hard enough . . . you can see God most everywhere.    I believe God is alive . . . and I believe God is creative . . . and I believe that God is redeeming . . . and I believe that God is very, very, very, very, very active.

This morning . . . I see God.   I truly do not want to leave this moment.  

But then, there will be other mornings to look out my back window, and watch how God says "Good morning!" to me.

Ever forward . . . ><>


Mark said…
Good post, buddy. Being a fellow gardener, I love it when you speak in "plant-ese." Being a fellow believer, I really love it when you add "creation-ese."

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