Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lenten Daily Devotional - Day 38 - Maundy Thursday, 3/28/13

Devotional Scripture:  John 21:15-19

Devotional Thought:

"Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these?" - John 21:15

All I have to offer today is one single, simple thought.

God is the God of a 2nd chance.

And a 3rd chance.

And a 4th chance . . . .

Peter gets a lot of blame for denying Christ.  Actually, all the disciples were guilty of the same charge.  Peter wasn't the only one to run away.  They all ran away and hid from those who came to arrest Jesus.

They fled the scene . . .

Peter's denial of Christ outside the home of the High Priest is an additional denial, and it seems to receive extra focus from the writers of the Gospels.  

In today's scripture . . . it is Peter to whom Jesus directs his questions after the disciples come ashore for breakfast.

3 times the scriptures record that Peter had additionally denied Jesus.

3 times Jesus asks him . . . "Do you love me?"

3 times Peter replies . . . "Yes."

3 times Jesus responds with his sign of forgiveness . . . in assigning Peter his new task in life.

-"Feed my lambs."

-"Take care of my sheep."

-"Feed my sheep."

Jesus summed all these assignements in two words in verse 19.

"Follow me!"

When you come to God to ask for forgiveness through the name of Jesus Christ . . . please do so with two certain expectations.

-First . . . expect to be forgiven.  Hold on to that expectation with all your heart and soul.

-Second . . . expect to be given an assignment . . . something to do in Jesus name for God's glory.

Please give thoughtful and prayerful consideration about accepting your assignment.  You will hear it or sense it in your heart every time you pray for forgiveness.

"Follow me!"

Take a very long hard look back on the path you have cleared and straightened.  Now look ahead toward Easter.

Is there one last thing you need to do . . .

Oh most gracious Lord . . . I ask forgiveness of my sins in the name of Jesus Christ . . . I confess them to you . . . and I stand ready to receive your forgiveness . . . and that which you would have me do in Jesus name for your glory!   And yes, Lord, I will follow you!  Amen.

Our Maundy Thursday services are tonight at 7 PM at both the Downtown and Heritage Campuses.  I hope you will make plans to attend.  Come share in our remembrance of the Last Supper.

God's graces still amazes me . . . ><>

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