Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back from a gig in Mansfield . . .

I had a great time singing at the Primrose School at Walnut Creek in Mansfield, Texas this morning.  My youngest daughter is the kindergarten teacher there (and a most very excellent teacher I say so myself!!)

The children helped me sing a bunch of children's favorites, and I taught them several of the songs from our Hugworks theraputic music entertainement catalog.  Then I tried something new, and played a game using my Native American flutes ("Can you guess what kind of sound this flute makes?")  I ended with a couple of songs using my baritone ukulele, including a rousing rendition of the "Dead Armadillo Song" that my family sang a lot when my girls were little. 

I cannot recall ever seeing 12 kindergarteners suddenly lying on their backs with their hand and feet up in the air, pretending to be dead armadillos. 

I guess I should be ashamed . . . but actually I laughed about it all the way home until my sides ached.

You have to actually hear / know the song to understand . . .

An awesome experience . . . my first time to see and witness my daughter teaching.  Awesome!!!  I am very proud of her and her career choice.  She has amazing skills and abilities.  I think she was born to be a teacher.

I believe pictures will be posted on the Primrose School at Walnut Creek facebook page. I hope to have a couple of pictures up as well as soon as my daughter sends some to me.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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