Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More from "Planet Walker" . . .

I am about 1/3 of the way through reading "Planet Walker."   From a hiking / pro-environment / life journey perspective . . . it is a good book.   

The author, John Francis . . . went 17 years without speaking.  John's journey to self-discovery of his life purpose and passion is fascinating.

I asked earlier . . . what would I be willing to hike across Texas in order to raise awareness of?

I may be closer to an answer than I thought.   Not that I am planning such a hike.  My goal is to do a 4 day Grand Canyon hike first.   But  . . . it is a notion in the back of my mind.

But . . . it is worth asking an even more pointed question . . . what cause would I, an ordained United Methodist preacher (professional speaker-type-person) be willing to support / raise awareness of by not talking for a week?

Could I even begin to understand how to do my job / ministry if I was unable or couldn't speak?  I wonder what would really change . . . if anything.   Communication is much more than spoken word, right.

The thought of not speaking . . . is frightening to me.

I bet I get some suggestions about this one . . . some in my family would probably pay me to not talk for a week.  Some of my friends would not doubt more than welcome the chance to speak to me without my interrupting them with comments and questions.

But seriously . . . I think I would mourn the loss of speech more than the loss of sight or hearing.

Interesting . . . and very challenging to consider stuff like this.   God "fearfully and wonderfully" created me with the capacity of speech.  I wonder . . . no, I know . . . that I sometimes abuse that gift.   No . . . that is not true . . . I often abuse this gift.   

Knowing that people listen to me . . . is validation for me . . . 

Forcing people to listen to me . . . because of my "office" or "position" . . . not a good thing.

Ever forward . . . ><>

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