Monday, October 6, 2008

A great question . . .

While on vacation . . . I was visiting an little bookstore in Eureka Springs, located in old downtown on Spring Street, a block or so up from the Flat Iron Building.   In the window of the store, I saw a book with the title, "Planet Walker" by Dr. John Francis.

Back in the 1970's, John was a hippie in San Francisco.  In part because of his involvement in rescuing wildlife affected by a major oil spill, John chose to stop using automobiles, and has since walked / hiked several times across the United States.   He even stopped talking for 17 years as part of his journey.   In the course of his walking, he earned a bachelors, masters and PhD degrees.

Being a long time Colin Fletcher fan (he is my favorite author), and a lover of books about hiking adventures, I had to order this book when I got back home.  

In the course of talking about the book, my wife asked me a question . . .

What cause are you so passionate about, that you would hike or bike across Texas in order to raise awareness or support?

Great question . . . and now over 2 weeks later . . . I am still no closer to an answer than I was before.   But I am spending some quality time thinking about it still.

I am open to suggestions!

Time to venture deeper into who I am, and who I am called to be.

Ever forward . . . ><>


Lorie said...

WORLD PEACE???? I know that's somewhat unrealistic, but that's my prayer every night and oftentimes my wish (if I get to make a wish on a shooting star or something). Would you hike across Texas for World Peace? I would. I would also hike across Texas for a cure for cancer or autism. Notice my causes are HUGE. I don't know if I would be disciplined enough to hike across Texas if it wasn't for a HUGE cause.
God Bless You Rick! I know you would hike with me.

Rick said...

Thanks Lorie. I bet we could find several good people from our church who would feel such passion for a cause. I want to hear all their stories.