Monday, February 2, 2009

Chiropractor visit #1 . . .

It went pretty well.

Went to see Dr. Ratliff in Grapevine.  I did not know that some chiropractors these days do not manipulate by physically pushing down on your spine, but now use instead what amounts to a mini electronically controlled jack hammer the size of a large syringe.  

Very interesting.

And, very tolerable . . . no neck jerking . . . no crunching.

Dr. Ratliff was very thorough, and said after one more treatment on Wednesday, that I will be as right as rain.

I just love the guy.  

A very professional and compassionate office.  

And, although my back is still sore . . . I left Dr. Ratliff's office walking straighter and more erect.  

One piece of advice he gave me . . . was to throw away the heating pad . . . and to use ice.  The rationale being that when the bones in the spine are out of alignment . . . they are actually sprained.  The inflammation I thought was muscular inflammation, was in fact a sprain in the joint of the spine.   

And what do you do for a sprain . . . you put ice on it.

So, I rigged up a zip-lock bag with two pounds of frozen peanuts.  

Ahhhhhhh . . . 

God's grace still amazes me.


Coldone said...

Hi Rick:

Try a cold compression back wrap. Icing works better with compression.

Good Luck

Rick said...

Doing ice packs 3 times a day. They are helping.