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I can't seem to get this out of my mind . . .

Simplifying life!

Yep . . . just like the song "Drop Kick Me Jesus Through the Goal Posts of Life" . . . (which after hearing it for the first time  . . .  it takes months to forget it)   I seem to be focusing on a plan to simplify life.

First things first . . . what does it mean to simplify life?

Well . . . I think I am going to have to keep asking myself this question over and over . . . because I have a feeling that the answer is going to change.

Right now . . . simplifying life, to me, is about intentionally removing as much clutter from my life as possible, in order to find / reconnect with the things that are important to me, which have been covered up by the clutter.

And my home study . . . is more cluttered than my garage!

I know one thing for sure . . . I sure have / keep a lot of junk.  I think the biggest help to me may be my going to Lowe's to purchase a new box of trash bags.   There is just a lot of useless stuff that needs to be thrown away.

Then, there is the stuff I am going to have to look at, and ask the question, "What is my reason for keeping this?"

I think the effort to simplify life has to be very intentional . . . just like how we strive to develop our faith.   There has to be a plan.

I saw an "How to Become More Organized" Show on TV the other day, when I was being "inactive" in order to give my back a rest.   The "star" of the show recommended getting boxes labeled with the following: 

Box #1 - Stuff I use
Box #2 - Stuff I haven't used in a year
Box #3 - Trash

Stuff I use . . . gets a place in the study.

Stuff I haven't used . . . that's the stuff I have to look at and ask "What is my reason for keeping this?"

Trash . . . is trash . . . and there is going to be a lot of it.

Hope I don't ending up throwing away something that is really important in the grand scheme of things.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>


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