Friday, February 6, 2009

The ever continuing saga of a sore back ...

I officiated at a funeral service today at a nearby funeral chapel.  A lovely service, and I was asked to bring my guitar as sing as well as officiate.  

I am always glad to do that.

Afterward . . . I decided since I had a little less than half-a-day off left, I would run out to Cabela's and look around in their fishing department, and get some more steps on my pedometer.

I had been at Cabela's about half-an-hour, just walking around looking at stuff here and there . . . anyone who shops aimlessly without a battle plan knows how it is . . . when I  found a clearance rack of fishing stuff.  

Now, here I need to explain Cabela's definition of "clearance."  It means 10% off, maybe 20%.   Anyway, I saw something on the very bottom of the display rack that I thought I might be interested in "looking at" more closely . . . and when I reached down to pick it up . . . I felt a "twinge" in my lower left back.

I muttered a "chosen" cuss word that, when I thought about it later, didn't really match the situation . . . and then slowly began to straightened up from my bent over position. 

Wouldn't you know it  . . . but one of the fishing department employees walked over to me, and I just knew he was going to tell me that he knew their prices were high, but not high enough to be cussed at . . . but instead he put his hand on my shoulder . . . . and very kindly asked if I was OK. 
I guess it was "that" obvious I was in a bit of discomfort.   

I thanked him for his concern . . . and began to slowly make my way toward the front of the store, then across the bridge, and walked out to where I had parked . . . way out at the end of the parking lot . . . because I had earlier, and as a grand noble gesture . . . parked a football fields length from the front door of the store . . . because I "wanted" to walk a bit and get some exercise.

It didn't seem so far to walk from my car to the store.  However, it seemed like forever to walk from the store to my car.

Made it home . . . changed clothes and put on bluejeans (which always make me feel better, at least emotionally) . . . and sat down in my recliner with an ice pack.  

I have another appointment with the chiropractor on Monday.   

Not that I am in agony or anything . . . but it is certainly annoying . . . as I had just about finally straightened up, and wasn't leaning to the right anymore, at least not so that you would notice and say . . . "Hey Rick, why are you bent over at the waste sideways like that?"

I guess this all just takes time.  Seems I have plenty of that.

Oh, and by the way . . . I didn't spend any money at all at Cabela's.  I am proud of myself!  But if fishing and guitar stuff keeps going up in price, I am going to have to quit one of my two hobbies . . . or  simplify them both.   But then if my back doesn't get much better soon, I won't be doing much of either one.

God grace still amazes me . . . ><>


doodlebugmom said...

I really hope you get feeling better soon!

Rick said...

Thanks Linda.