Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chiropractor visit #2 . . .

My back has been feeling better, but not so better as to cancel my appointment yesterday. So I went in.

More adjustment with the "gun" (the "Impluse iQ Adjusting Instrument"). Then I received some electrical stimulation and ice pack therapy while I was sitting in a very comfortable recliner.

When the treatment was over . . . I asked for 15 more minutes on the ice pack . . . a little quiet time if you will . . . which Dr. Ratliff and his staff were more than happy to allow me to do.

Guess I fell asleep. I opened my eyes, and Dr. Ratliff was smiling at me . . .

I sure hope I didn't snore!

Left feeling better. My back is straighter, but there is still some pain when I stand up from a sitting position. Still using the ice pack three times a day . . . and I feel that is helping.

Set another appointment for Monday morning . . . just in case.

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