Monday, December 23, 2013

Saving Mr. Banks . . .

My wife and I were able to have a bit of free time yesterday, and went to see "Saving Mr. Banks". 

This is an outstanding movie, and you do not have to be a Mary Poppins fan to make any connections. 

Emma Thompson should at least receive an Academy Award nomination.  She was the heart of the movie.  In the film, she portrays P. L. Travers, the author of the Mary Poppins book series.  Tom Hanks plays a very interesting older Walt Disney.   Great supporting cast.

The movie just works, and is suitable for the entire family.

If you have had a relationship with a parent or relative, in which they failed to live up to being on the pedestal you placed them on . . . and you blame yourself as a result  . . . go see this movie.

"Let's go fly a kite . . . and send it soaring!"

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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