Monday, April 11, 2011

Have guitar . . . will travel . . . hopefully . . .

Have guitar will travel???

Well, hopefully . . . depending if my schedule permits.

Speaking of my schedule, I have been getting a few more invitations to community type gigs. And my reaction is that I am truly honored!! That is probably why I try very hard to honor as many requests as my personal and ministry calendar will allow.

I guess I am saying, "Please keep asking me to sing!" Sometimes I can say "yes," and sometimes I can say "no." It's hard to tell a family you are doing a funeral for, or a couple whose wedding you are presiding over, that you need to go sing instead . . . But I do appreciate being asked, and I will often try to help the group find someone else if I can't make it.

Later this month, I am going out to Bridgeport to sing and speak at a United Methodist Men's retreat another church is having. I was their 1st choice! Mercy, an honor to be sure!!!!

People do ask, knowing that I am a full-time pastor at a large church, just what music events I can help with as my schedule allows. Below is a short list:

-I can provide a music program for nursing and retirement homes. I fit in really well . . . since I am not that far from living in one myself.

-I can sing in hospitals to children, which I do through my association with Hugworks (

-I sing for as many VBS and church camps each summer as I can fit into my schedule. I just "LIVE" for VBS. Call me as early in the spring as possible to see if I am available. I can't do one every week . . . but I can sometimes fit a couple VBS events into a month if they are "local,' especially if they are in the morning.

-I can provide music entertainment for RV Parks, Campgrounds and at BSA events, with advanced scheduling. I am going to get to go to Philmont Scout Ranch in September to serve as chaplain and song leader at a training event there. A "to-do" list item I thought had passed me by. I am usually out at the Vineyards Campground in Grapevine for an outside concert a couple of times during the summer.

-I can sing for civic group meetings and events, schools, and events at other churches. Texas folk music and folklore is a hobby of mine. I enjoy providing programs for Rotary, Lions Club, etc.

-I can sing for weddings, but far more often I am invited to sing at graveside services and funerals in the DFW area. This is a special passion of mine, for reasons I am not quite sure of myself.

-Schedule permitting, I am available to sing at dinner events, restaurants, house concerts and sing-a-longs of various types . . . including serving as the Master of Ceremonies.

For more info or to check my calendar, send me an email.

Music and God's grace still amaze me daily . . . ><>

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