Monday, April 25, 2011

As promised . . . a step of faith today . . .

I promised myself that after Easter, I would start back doing the other stuff in my life I enjoy doing, that I stopped doing after Ken Diehm's death on Feb. 19th.

On that day, I stopped singing and playing guitar except for church and the 1-2 nursing homes I have volunteered at the longest. I took a leave from my Theraputic Music Entertainment apprenticeship. I stopped making fly fishing lanyards. I stopped fishing. I pretty much stopped exercising except for walking. By exercising, I mean riding my bike or going on day hikes.

I knew I needed to do some constructive grieving . . . and that I had to be very proactive about it, or this was going to drag me down.

And, I needed time to live through the season of Lent . . . knowing that our Good Friday came on Feb. 19th, and not on April 22nd.

Easter was yesterday. I needed Easter to be yesterday . . . and it was EASTER!!!! A great day of celebration . . . a day of moving forward with not so hesitant steps.

So, today is the day after Easter:

-Today, I have decided to continue with my diet, and to include bike riding 1-2 times a week.

-Today, I am making fly fishing lanyards again.

-Today, I resume my TME apprenticeship, attending a meeting and rehearsal time tonight.

-Today, I am actively looking for new places to sing and play guitar.

-Today, I am actively preparing for my Philmont upcoming experience this September.

Today, I move forward, still sad about Ken's death, but counting it as a blessing that I knew him, and had the honor and privilege of working with him. Today I look less toward the past, and more toward a new future, perhaps not so secure as I once saw it to be . . . but a future non-the-less.

God's grace and love amaze me daily . . . ><>

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