Monday, January 25, 2010

A needed guitar 'intervention" . . .

In light of all the need in Haiti . . . and in Africa . . . and in light of the fact that over 50% of the people in the world live on less than $2 a day . . . the following account of what the other guys in the band did for me . . . well . . . it has forced me into some much needed soul searching.

And, as a result of Ken's sermon yesterday . . . I have to ask myself a question, "How much is enough?" I have to ask it . . . because I don't know my answer yet.

I had no idea how evident the situation was to so many people . . . but for the past 4 years, I have been on a search for "THE" guitar. A while back, I gave up on fancy electric guitars . . . and went back to just playing acoustic guitars without effects. Then I got an electric nylon string . . . but took it back, because it always needed to be plugged into an amp. Then I spent a couple months rethinking who my favorite guitar players are, and what kind of music they did. Following that, I traced the history of my guitar playing, and realized / remembered that for about 8 years, the only guitar I had was a cheap nylon string classical, that I used back in my youth ministry days.

Several weeks ago, while picking up picks at a nearby Guitar Center, I wandered over to the acoustic section, and found a used Taylor NS42ce nylon string guitar with electric pickup . . . I bought it the next day, and have been pretty happy with it. It is funny, what I can do on a nylon string guitar . . . fingerpicking wise, that I cannot do on a regular steel string guitar.

A week ago, I began recording the guitar tracks to a children's worship CD I have planning to do for several years . . . I used the Taylor for about 6 of the songs . . . and was pretty pleased. I've used it in church twice, at a nursing home, and a couple other events.

Last Thursday, at our weekly jam session/rehearal of the 1st Church String Band, as if on cue, all the guys stopped playing . . . and one of the guys said . . . "Rick, you've been looking for the guitar of your dreams for the past 4 years . . . that Taylor is it . . . and if you get rid of it . . . we are all going to kick your (another word for rear end)." One our older guys said "Amen" and then we went back to playing . . . nailing our version of CCR's "Who'll Stop the Rain."

Good grief!

Thing is . . . I have no argument against what they said. I do have too many guitars.

How much is enough?

I don't know the answer, but I am working on it. And I appreciate a bunch of guys who have my best interest at heart . . .

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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