Thursday, August 6, 2009

Camera stuff . . .

I had been planning on purchasing a Digital SLR camera for some time . . . well, for at least the past two years.   

My friend Floyd is into photography, and I enjoy talking to him about taking pictures, and once had the opportunity to take him to several areas in Grapevine and had the privilige of watching as he took pictures of flowers, water, even a few of me . . .

In the past, as I was preparing to buy a camera, the money I had saved needed to be used for something "more necessary" than a camera.

Oh well . . . there is always another day.

Prior to leaving for Disney World, I had the chance to look at some different point-and-shoot digital cameras.   At Best Buy, where we had gone to exchange an SD Card for my Mom, I finally got to look at and hold a Canon PowerShot G-10.

My Mom, bless her sweet-kind-wonderful-compassionate soul, was feeling more generous than her normal more-than-generous nature . . . long story short, we came home with the G-10, and immediately, we were all impressed with the quality of a 14 megapixel picture, especially without flash.

I am planning on doing a photo blog soon (something I have always wanted to do) . . . and will post some of the Disney World pictures I took.   I never put this camera out of the "auto mode" . . . and ended up taking some great pictures.

I did accidentally leave the operations manual at home, so I didn't do to much experimenting.  I am visiting with Floyd tomorrow in Waco . . . hoping for some pointers.  I had earlier sent Floyd a message about the camera, and he did some research for me . . . he knew what I was actually wanting a camera for . . .  and pronounced it all good.    

And for the record . . . "Thanks Mom!  I love you!"

My Mom's grace still amazes me . . . and, 

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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doodlebugmom said...

You mom gives really nice gifts! I am looking forward to your photo blog :)