Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back from vacation on Monday, August 10th . . .

We are back from a family vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida.

To quote Andy Griffith (one of my heroes) . . . Outstanding!

To tell the truth, going to Disney World was never on my to-do list.  Always thought it was too far and too expensive.

Then, my  maternal grandmother recently passed away.  One of her final wishes was that my Mom take all the family, who could go, to Disney World.  

And the rest . . . . is Mang/Hudson/Cornell family history.

We enjoyed a 7 night stay . . . and had a great time.   I think the only reason we left, besides our reservation coming to an end, was the Florida afternoon humidity and heat.   We were just tired of the heat.   

For the record . . . we were not tired of Disney World.

And yes, for those who want to know . . . I want to go back . . . but in the spring or fall.  Maybe in 2010 . . . when depends on when I try to go to Kenya.

What did I like . . .  the stuff everyone told me I would like . . .

-The Parade of Lights and Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom
-Everything about Epcot
-The Safari ride at Animal Kingdom
-Cirque de Solieu (simply put . . . quadruple "Outstanding!!!")
-Catching a 6 lb black bass
-All the african animals in the animal preserve next to the Animal Kingdom Lodge / Kidani Village.
-Collecting and trading Disney Word pins.  I came home with every "guitar" pin I could find, with the exception of the Hanna Montana and Jonas brother pins.

Please . . .  I am not going down that road . . .

So, a few days to catch up on yard work and some stuff I need to get down around the house, then I will be back at the church on Monday, August 10th.

I'm rested.

I'm happy.

I'm focused.

I'm ready.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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