Monday, January 19, 2009

Weight loss and health goals for 2009 . . .

With two "big" family weddings this past fall, (one I officiated at, the other I paid for) and the holidays . . . I have to admit I gained back some of the weight I lost this past year.

So, sometime this week, I will be receiving a new pedometer (step counter) which will actually be able to sync with my computer . . . so I can more accurately keep track of the amount I walk each day.

I just love charts and graphs!

My weight-loss goal this past year was two-fold . . .

-1) Get healthier, and;

-2) Fit into my black suit for my daughters wedding.

I lost over 60 pounds . . . got healthier . . . and the black suit I wanted to wear to my daughter's wedding ended up being to big . . . so I rented a tux.

I still can make a tux look pretty darn good!

My new weight and health goals for 2009 are as follows:

-1) Continue to get healthier . . .

-2) Increase my number of steps by at least 1,600 each day. (10,000 steps-a-day is the recognized number of steps for the best chance for optimum health through walking.)

-3) Reach a weight of 250 by the end of the summer of 2009.

Here we go!

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