Saturday, January 10, 2009

Favorite comic strip cartoons . . .

Today, my wife and I and some friends went over to the Grapevine Antique Mall which is managed by my good friend and fellow guitar player and singer, Charles Weems.  I checked some old books, and found two used books of different Calvin & Hobbs cartoons.

Got me to thinking . . . which of all the comic strip cartoons are the best?

In my humble opinion . . .

1)  Calvin & Hobbs . . . funny, witty, reminds me of all the stuff my kids pulled when they were little.  It was funny them also.

2)  Tumbleweeds . . . especially the jokes with Wart Wimble, the town gravedigger, or Ham & Beans, the two mule-skinners.  A very close 2nd to Calvin & Hobbs.  The C & H artwork is better.

3)  The Wizard of Id . . . in my opinion, Johnny Hart's best effort.   

4)  B.C.  . . . another Johnny Hart cartoon . . . the poems by the old peg-legged guy were always funny . . . dumb, but funny.

5)  The Far-Side comics . . .  a bit too much like South Park . . . making fun of everything . . . I used to get a Far-Side desk calendar every year, with a cartoon for every day . . . hmmmmm, I wonder why that stopped???

Peanuts would probably be on the list of favorite comics for many people my age . . . I used to think Peanuts was funny . . . then I came to believe they were mostly cute . . . now I think that, in truth,  most of the Peanuts comics were really quite sad.

What are your favorites?

I am daily overwhelmed by my blessings . . . ><>


doodlebugmom said...

Calvin and Hobbes will always be the best. I helped my daughter babysit last night (Three boys under age 4 intimidate her. and me!). The middle boy is a blonde, adorable trouble maker, and carries a stuffed tiger. They really should have named him Calvin.

As for Chralie Brown, I always felt for him. It was Charles Shultz's life, very sad.

Rick said...

I have begun the process to write 12 new childrens songs. I am reading Calvin and Hobbs again to get back into a child's mind set.

Not as easy as it sounds.

I am 51. I am an old fogey.

doodlebugmom said...

As it says on my facebook flair. "you are only as old as you remember!" :)